COVID-19 Update: State of Public Health Emergency Declared

On November 24, 2020 the Province of Alberta declared a State of Public Health Emergency. As a result, additional targeted restrictions were announced for areas on the enhanced list (See Government of Alberta While we have contacted our Government partners’ we are still awaiting answers regarding the impact of these new restrictions on first aid and aquatics. 
We have categorized information that may impact Affiliate Delivery Partner operations and services as follows: 

First Aid Programming 

  • This could be impacted under the Business and Service Restrictions announced. Businesses that are open by appointment only are not permitted to offer walk in services. Appointments should be limited to one-to-one services. Private one on one lessons are permitted but group private lessons are not permitted. 
    • We are seeking confirmation from the Government if this restriction applies to First Aid program delivery. 
  • At this time, we recommend that all of the guidance that was issued for Stage 1 First Aid program delivery be followed for delivery of first aid programs privately (one instructor and one student). It is recommended that all public group first aid courses (original and recertification) be paused for now. 
    • We are seeking clarification if employee recertification courses that are run by the employer at the worksite are permitted.

Swimming Lessons 

  • Private swim lessons (one instructor and one student) may continue but all group lessons should be paused or cancelled until further notice. 

Lifesaving Courses 

  • Private lifesaving courses (one instructor and one student) may continue but all group lessons should be paused or cancelled until further notice. We note that manikins could be used in place of a victim for some courses. 

Lifesaving Sport 

  • There is a mandatory restriction on all sports unless an exemption has been offered. At this time there is no exemption for Lifesaving Sport in Alberta and all Lifesaving Sport practices should be paused or cancelled until further notice. 

Lane Swim 

  • As this is an individual activity where 2 metres of distance is maintained between all swimmers at all times, facilities can continue to offer lane swimming or self-directed fitness activities. 

Public Swim 

  • As this is an individual activity where 2 metres of distance is maintained between all bathers at all times, facilities may continue to offer individual and family public swimming which includes self led activities. 
  • It is reinforced that a COVID monitor be present on the pool deck to monitor adherence to public health requirements 

Pool Capacities 

  • Indoor fitness, recreation, sports, and physical activity centres, including swimming pools may remain open at 25% capacity of the occupancy set under the Alberta Fire Code. 
  • All public health guidance and physical distancing measures must be followed 
Certification Extension 
Many members will be wondering about the status of their certification if they were due to recertify this month. As a result, we will be issuing a one-time extension for members impacted by these new public health restrictions. All certifications that were issued after November 1, 2018 will be included in the extension. More information on the duration of the certification extension will be issued separately after health restrictions are eased and courses permitted to resume. 
Conflicting Information 
In the event the information contained in this release is different from advice provided by a local health official the advice of the health official would prevail. 
The Society will issue an update to this communication to Affiliate Delivery Partners if we receive additional clarification on our questions that have been posed to Government only if it is different from what has been communicated today. As this is an evolving response and the information is always subject to change this may be updated multiple times.