Test Sheets

Completing test sheets accurately and clearly helps us to process them faster, meaning your participants get their awards faster too! We've put together a handy How-To for Test Sheet completion best practices!

Checklist: How to Complete a Test Sheet

Candidate Information Form (for collecting confidential candidate information)

Swim to Survive, for Life, and SwimAbilities

Swim to Survive

Swim for Life Worksheets - All Levels

SwimAbilities Worksheets - All Levels

Canadian Swim Patrol

Rookie Patrol

Ranger Patrol

Star Patrol

Bronze Medals

Bronze Star - 2021 Program

Bronze Medallion - 2021 Program

Bronze Medallion - Recertification - 2021 Program 

Bronze Cross - 2021 Program

Bronze Cross Recertification - 2021 Program

First Aid

Aquatic Emergency Care (Updated October 25, 2022)

CPR A or C (with AED)

Basic Life Support

Basic First Aid / Intermediate First Aid (Updated March 21, 2023)

Oxygen Administration

Attendant Programs

Amenity Attendant

Shallow Water Attendant

Beach Attendant

Proficiency Programs

Preschool Proficiency

Lifeguard Skills Programs

Lifeguard Fitness Skills

National Lifeguard

National Lifeguard Pool

National Lifeguard Water Park

National Lifeguard Waterfront

National Lifeguard Surf

Advanced Lifesaving 


Lifesaving Sport

Community Official 

Pool Official

JLC Performance Record

First Responder

Swiftwater Rescue

Boat Rescue

Boat Rescue for First Responders

Boat Operator Accredited Training (BOAT)™

(BOAT)™ Candidate Record Form 


Instructor Certifications