Transferring Awards Between Provinces/Territories

Lifesaving Society awards are transferable between provinces within Canada. It is the member's responsibility to:

  • contact the Lifesaving Society Branch where they are currently residing and request their awards to be transferred to the Branch responsible for the area to which they are moving to. They should provide their new contact information at this time so it can be updated; and
  • contact the Lifesaving Society Branch responsible for their new area and complete any Branch specific transfer process required prior to teaching or examining.

The Lifesaving Society Alberta & Northwest Territories Branch is pleased to provide Leadership Volunteers from other provinces with a complimentary Welcome Package. This package provides the Leadership Volunteer with invaluable information about the branch, policies and procedures, and leadership CDs containing award guides, lesson plans, workbooks, course booklets, clinic booklets, and other support materials.

Going Abroad
Lifesaving Society awards may be transferable across international borders. Be sure to contact the organization in charge of lifesaving standards in the jurisdiction to determine the necessary course of action. 

Several Lifesaving Society awards are recognized for equivalency by the International Life Saving Federation (ILS). Canadian holders of the NLS Awards are eligible to apply for the equivalent international certificate. These certificates are recognized by all ILS member countries. For more information and to apply for an international certificate, please visit the Lifesaving Society Canada website. 

ILS Equivalency Form 2020 - 2024

Coming from Abroad
Awards from Commonwealth nations may be recognized in Canada. Awards from non-Commonwealth nations are not recognized. Contact the Lifesaving Society for more information.

Award Transfer (within Canada) Request