Annual General Meeting

This year's AGM will be held in Calgary on June 14 at Vivo for Healthier Generations! At this event, we gather to recognize and celebrate our collaborative efforts to reduce drowning and water-related injury. Join us for an afternoon of connecting with fellow members, learning about the latest Society developments, and enjoying some refreshments!

We’re excited to announce that in addition to the meeting, this year we’ll be hosting various free workshops that attendees are welcome to participate in during the afternoon. Workshop topics include building leadership skills, emergency training, improving lessons plans, and more!
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If you have any questions please contact us at or (780) 415-1755.
Information about each workshop can be found below! (Details will be updated as we draw closer to the date)

Make Your Lessons Soar with Stuff from the Dollar Store

Host: Dominique MacDonald

In this workshop we will take inspiration from small, discounted items and demonstrate how they can be used in a variety of ways. Think rubber chickens, puzzles, popsicle sticks, foam sheets, pom poms, foam dice and more.  We will learn how to develop fun activities that meet the specific sessions purposes and learning outcomes for the course that you are teaching. Let’s level up your lessons and make them soar with small items from the dollar store. 

Recommended Audience: This workshop will be geared towards those that teach JLC, Bronze Courses, Instructors, National Lifeguard, and Swim Patrol, but everyone is welcome!

About the Host

As a senior-level aquatic and recreation professional, Dominique brings a wealth of experience and expertise in managing aquatic facilities and spearheading recreational programs that promote community wellness and safety for private, municipal and post-secondary recreation facilities.

She excels in orchestrating impactful presentation, workshops, events, and keynotes that engage and inspire audiences and she’s received numerous awards including the Commonwealth Service medal from the Lifesaving Society. 

She is a passionate aquatic safety advocate which underscores her commitment to upholding the highest standards of workplace safety and excellence in aquatic environments. Leveraging her multifaceted skill set, she is dedicated to enhancing the quality of aquatic programs, empowering staff through comprehensive training, and advocating for best practices that foster a culture of inclusivity, accessibility, and enjoyment for all participants.

Emergency Training - Building Confidence and Competence

Host: Naomi Switzer

How do you ensure your team is ready for emergencies and how will you prove that they are competent? Go beyond the basics with your emergency in-service training and find out how written expectations, procedures, drop drills, remediation, and concrete evaluation frameworks can build trust and transform a team.

Recommended Audience: this workshop is geared towards staff supervisors, emergency response staff and coordinators, safety personnel, and support staff, but anyone is welcome!

About the Host

Since 2012, Naomi has immersed herself in the field of aquatics. Like many aquatics professionals, Naomi’s experience expands past water, taking on roles and education in safety, and physical health. Working in these various positions has provided experience in leadership, team-building, safety guidelines and applications. She has become a passionate advocate for emergency response training within aquatic environments.

Currently serving as a Program Coordinator with the City of Fort Saskatchewan, Naomi is deeply committed to the culture of the aquatics team that she works with and prioritizes staff morale and engagement.

She works towards constantly improving aquatic environments where individuals can thrive and enjoy water in a diverse, fun, and safe way.

In her presentation, Naomi will share insights from her years of experience offering perspectives on safety, emergency response training, and the role that aquatic leaders play in developing confident and competent teams.

Aquatic Leadership: Building Strong Leaders of Youth and Youth Leaders

Have you ever been at your local pool and looked up to see a baby-faced lifeguard, responsible for the safety of everyone in your immediate vicinity, and thought “wow, they look young! They can’t be qualified for this job”?

It may surprise you to realize that youth who work in aquatics become well-rounded individuals with a strong handle on many unexpected life skills, which serve them well in leadership positions later in life. The Lifesaving Society certifies leaders of youth and youth that are leaders through our multi-level, competency-based system designed to encourage and support the progressive development of skilled and knowledgeable leaders.

While research tells us that teens ages 13-17 may challenge authority and seek peer approval, they also enjoy responsibility and personal challenge – all things that have the makings for great leadership potential. To capitalize on this, our leadership training focuses on developing the essential knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and values aquatic staff require to successfully carry out the duties of their roles.

Walk through the details of this model and why it works to better understand how the field of aquatics builds leaders who are confident, competent, and skilled throughout their entire lives.

Recommended Audience: TBD