Pool Operations & Risk Management

Hiring Qualified & Dedicated Aquatic Recreation Staff

Many employers are challenged by how to attract, retain, and manage an aquatic staff team of instructors, lifeguards and supervisors. The current staffing challenge experienced by many of our affiliates is of concern. 

This has prompted the Lifesaving Society to publish the report Hiring Qualified & Dedicated Aquatic Recreation StaffThe report will allow people to re-think the situation, re-strategize and perhaps re-fuel their resolve to hire and maintain a dynamic staff team.

Hiring Qualified & Dedicated Aquatic Recreation Staff summarizes the findings of the 2006 staffing survey of urban and rural affiliates in Alberta & Northwest Territories. The report also expands upon the key points presented and discussed at the 2006 Lifesaving Society Research Symposium held in Calgary, Alberta. 

Explore with us a wide range of best practices and hear how the Lifesaving Society is working towards supporting communities through these challenging times.

Aquatic Procedure Manuals


  1. Anti-Entrapment Module
  2. Aquatic Safety & Supervision Module
  3. Future Templates to be added include:
    • Public Education Plan
    • Cleaning and Sanitization Plan

All rights reserved. Individual copies of these template documents may be downloaded from the Lifesaving Society website for use by aquatic facility owners and owner's agents. Reproduction of this document for other purposes, by any means, requires permission from the Lifesaving Society.

Aquatic Staff Manual- Suggested Contents List 

Major Incident Management Checklist 

Risk Management

Risk is: 
the chance of physical injury, property damage or financial loss.

Risk Management is:
the systematic identification and evaluation of risks, and the careful selection of risk control strategies.

Recreation professionals who are responsible for the management of aquatic facilities will want to have appropriate levels of risk management in place at their facilities. 
This Aquatic Facility Management for Optimal Safety for Public & Staff presentation highlights the safety supervision training, systems and plans required to provide a safe aquatic environment.

Legally Speaking

Note: The issues raised in these articles should be considered for information purposes only, and meant strictly to serve as questions that affiliates and members of the Lifesaving Society should consider when assessing their total risk management strategy, and in no way should be considered to be legal advice or opinion.

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