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The Lifesaving Society is a full-service provider of programs, products, and services designed to prevent drowning. The Society saves lives and prevents water-related injuries through its training programs, Water Smart® education, drowning research, aquatic safety management and sport.

The Society is a national volunteer organization and registered charity composed of ten provincial/territorial branches, tens of thousands of individual members, and over 4,000 affiliated swimming pools, waterfronts, schools, and clubs.

Annually 1,200,000 Canadians participate in the Society's swimming, lifesaving, lifeguarding, and leadership training programs. The Society sets the standard for aquatic safety in Canada and certifies Canada's National Lifeguards.

The Lifesaving Society conducts research into fatal and non-fatal drowning, aquatic injury and rescue interventions. Ongoing research and analysis support the Society's evidence-based water-rescue training and Water Smart® education.                    

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First Aid Lifeguarding Leadership
Boat Operator Accredited Training™ (BOAT) Lifesaving Society Online Academy Safety Management Training