Inspections & Audits

Aquatic Safety Inspections

Aquatic safety inspections are utilized to assess risk within an aquatic facility and identify areas to the owner or owner‘s agent that are in compliance with legislation, regulations, standards, and guidelines. Through the aquatic safety inspection, the Lifesaving Society certified Aquatic Safety Inspector will identify operational areas which may be improved.

The scope of the aquatic safety inspection includes areas bathers may access (including admission/lobby areas, change rooms, saunas, and steam rooms). In addition to these areas, the inspector will also assess pool mechanical and pool chemical storage areas. Other facility amenities such as arenas, fitness centres, etcetera are not included.

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Aquatic Safety Audits

The Society provides confidential consultation services to evaluate aquatic facilities and their operating practices. Aquatic Safety Audits are designed to maximize safety by identifying what steps can be taken to minimize the risk of drowning or serious injury.

Audits can have a narrow or topical focus on one specific aspect of one facility's operation or be a comprehensive review of the entire aquatic operation. This advice is used by facility owners/operators to develop and implement operational practices to enhance patron and staff safety within their facility. Audits have been used to evaluate public and private recreational facilities, as well as, other aquatic environments such as irrigation canals and provincial park beaches.

Is your facility safe?
The Lifesaving Society's Aquatic Safety Audit is a service that assists aquatic facility owners/ operators to respond proactively and reduce the risk of serious injury and drowning in their facility. The purpose of an Aquatic Safety Audit is to maximize the safety of patrons and facility staff by identifying and creating effective safety and risk management practices.

To request an Aquatic Safety Audit
Clients requesting a safety audit service enter into a contract with the Society. The contract stipulates the scope of the audit and the type of report desired. Fees vary depending on these and other variables. For a free consultation, contact us.

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