Board of Directors

President - Todd Carson

President Elect - Dr. Kathy Belton, PhD.

Director of Finance - Bo Wolski

Corporate Secretary - Doug Costigan

Director - National Director - Nick Wiggins

Governor - Barbara Costache

Executive Director - Jonathan Kusyanto

Policy Governance

The Lifesaving Society Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch operates under a model of governance known as "Policy Governance". Policy Governance enables a Board of Directors to govern the branch. Governing boards focus on the reason the Society exists and are accountable for the organizations they govern.

The Board is responsible for defining its expectations of the Society, assigning those expectations to someone, and checking to make sure they've been met. The Executive Director is the point of contact between the Board of Directors and the Society and ensures the Society is meeting the expectations of the board.

To become a Board of Director, candidates must be nominated by 2 active members or affiliate members of the Society. Active members are Board and Service Unit Members, Current Branch Examiners, Instructors and Honorary Members. Affiliate Members are any responsible agency, organization, or individual recognized by the Branch and who have paid a membership fee to the Branch. The nominee then forwards the nomination form, along with a resume, 2 references, a security check current within 30 days of submitting a nomination, and cover letter indicating agreement to be nominated and interest to stand for election. The cover letter must also indicate the best time and number for the Nominations Service Unit Co-Chairs to contact you. Packages can be sent to the Nominations Service Unit, C/O Lifesaving Society Office.