Instructors & Trainers

Teaching is an exciting and demanding job. As a teacher you are a model of the skills, teaching behaviours, and qualities that you talk about. Candidates will learn as much from the example you set as they will from the content itself.

All Lifesaving Society Instructors,Trainers, National Trainers and Coaches are considered Leadership Volunteers. A Leadership Volunteer is certified, by the Lifesaving Society, to teach and evaluate Lifesaving Society programs.

The Lifesaving Society maintains a Leadership Training Event Calendar for programs scheduled by the Branch.

Program Delivery

The Society is committed to working with our program delivery partners to develop and deliver consistent and reliable programming based on our drowning and aquatic injury research. Our delivery partners support the Lifesaving Society through the delivery of our training programs. Our delivery partners include affiliated facilities, organizations and individuals that are licensed to deliver Lifesaving Society programs to the community. Affiliates must comply with the license agreement and maintain the quality and integrity of Lifesaving Society programs.

All Lifesaving Society training programs share a consistent philosophy, look, design, and training methodology. We maintain our quality programs through the publishing of resource materials for our affiliates to use in the delivery of Lifesaving Society programs and services.

The Lifesaving Society is pleased to be entering into an enhanced delivery system with our affiliate partners. Society Training Centers and Accredited Facilities will have the local capacity to meet their leadership training needs and will be the hub of expertise and training for their zone.

The Lifesaving Society has divided the province into 5 areas that match those of Alberta Health Services zones, with a sixth zone created for the Northwest Territories. Our goal is to have at least one Training Center in every zone. These Training Centers must be able to provide a range of Lifesaving Society training to its surrounding communities, including Lifesaving Sport development, lifeguard training and leadership training.

This system includes two levels of accreditation: Provincial Training Center (PTC) and Zone Training Center (ZTC). Each type of accreditation has distinct advantages and the opportunity for the affiliate and the Lifesaving Society to better meet the needs of the community.