PCO Card Replacement

For Cards issued by the Lifesaving Society

The Lifesaving Society maintains a database of all individuals who have obtained a Pleasure Craft Operator Card from the Society. Individuals can request a replacement card and will charged an administrative replacement fee. Contact the Lifesaving Society at 780-415-1755 or Experts@LifeSaving.org.


For Cards issued by other Organizations

Transport Canada has authorized the Lifesaving Society to issue replacement Pleasure Craft Operator (PCO) Cards to individuals who obtained their PCO card from another organization.

Individuals must demonstrate to the Lifesaving Society that they had previously had a PCO card. This can be done in three ways:

  1. Provide a photocopy of the original PCO card;
  2. Provide a copy of the letter that accompanied the PCO card when it was originally issued (must feature the card number, candidate name, address and date of birth); or
  3. Provide a verification letter issued by Transport Canada.

Individuals who require a replacement PCO card from an organization that is no longer in business or that has been suspended will need to contact Transport Canada.


Contacting Transport Canada

Transport Canada can issue a verification letter (valid for 60 days). 

Contact information: pcoc-ccep@tc.gc.ca or 1-800-267-6687



Replacement Boat Card Request Form