Grade 3 Be Water Smart® Program

The Lifesaving Society, in partnership with the Injury Prevention Centre, is proud to launch the Grade 3 Be Water Smart® Module. This free module is developed with grade 3 students in mind to establish a foundational understanding of water safety. This content will equip students with an essential understanding of the risks associated with swimming, and how to respond to common water safety situations.   

Drowning is preventable and one of the leading causes of unintentional child fatalities in Canada (Top 3 causes of unintentional death). One of the greatest at-risk groups for fatal drownings are young adults aged 18-24. To address this and prevent future unintentional drownings of youth, the Lifesaving Society has established this program aimed at educating and changing behavior from an early age around water.  

Estimated delivery time for this module in the classroom is 1 hour. 

Program Curriculum

Topics covered in this program: 

  • Introduction to water environments 
  • Defining the Risk 
  • Conducting A Risk Assessment 
  • Lifejacket Awareness and Use 
  • Responding to Emergencies 
  • How to bWater Smartfor Life 

Students will receive an I’m Water Smart temporary tattoo and a certificate at the completion of the module (Water Smart tattoos are limited, applicants are encouraged to apply early).