Lifesaving Society Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch

The Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch serves the Society's provincial and territorial affiliates, individual members and the general public. The Branch also serves as the official liaison with the provincial and territorial governments and their agencies.

Some Lifesaving Society products and programs are nationally recognized throughout the country; however, each branch has the ability to develop and deliver its own products and programs. As an affiliate of the Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch, you can license our products and programs to suit your needs. Public and private facilities or business can affiliate with the AB & NWT Lifesaving Society as well as individual members. In addition to our provincial/territorial affiliates, other Society branches and organizations and individuals within Canada and internationally can also affiliate to license our programs or products.

The Society also works together with our many partnerships to promote water safety education and awareness. Other partners include government agencies that provide funding and sponsorship to allow for the development of new programs.