How to Get a PCO Card

Federal regulations require all operators of motorized boats and personal watercraft to carry proof of competency such as a Pleasure Craft Operator (PCO) card in accordance with the standards and guidelines established by Transport Canada.

The Boating Safety Test:

  • Consists of 50 questions
  • Is designed to be suitable for any age group
  • Multiple-choice with a pass mark of 38/50 or 75%

Several Options are Available

The Society has several options for anyone interested in obtaining their Pleasure Craft Operators card through us.

Option 1 -- Write the Test

If you are an experienced boater, or have formal training as a boat operator, this may be the option for you. Simply call any Lifesaving Society BOAT Test Center and arrange to write the Transport Canada Boating Safety Test. Check our list of Lifesaving Society BOAT Test Centers to find the one closest to you.

Option 2 -- Study at Home

Read the BOAT Study Guide, brush up on your boating knowledge, then drop into your local BOAT Test Center and write the Transport Canada Boating Safety Test.

The BOAT Study Guide is available from all our BOAT Test Centers or can be ordered directly from the Lifesaving Society via our online shop.

Option 3 -- Boat Operator Accredited Training (BOAT) Course

Many of our BOAT Test Centers will offer the 4-hour BOAT course which will teach the basics in safe boating. Course providers include the option to write the Transport Canada Boating Safety Test to obtain your PCO card immediately following the 4-hour BOAT course.