Rescue Award Nomination Process

Anyone can make a submission to the Branch office to nominate someone for a Rescue Award.

Complete the Rescue Award Nomination Form and send it to the Society. Be sure to include a description of the rescue along with any newspaper clips or other media articles of the rescue.

Commonwealth Rescue Awards

Commonwealth Mountbatten Medal and/or Letter of Commendation
The Mountbatten Medal was instituted by the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth and named after the Society's then Grand President, The Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Awarded annually by the Commonwealth Council, the Mountbatten Medal honours the most courageous rescue in the Commonwealth by the holder of a Royal Life Saving Society Award. As only the medal is awarded, the Mountbatten Medal Letter of Commendation recognizes other outstanding rescues that were nominated for the Mountbatten Medal. Recipients must be a Lifesaving Society award holder.

Mountbatten Medal Recipients

Since its inception in 1951, nine Canadians have received the prestigious Mountbatten Medal, eight of them come from Alberta. Read these gallant rescue stories of Albertans who have received the Mountbatten Medal.

Andrew Pearson - 2017
Tamara Loiselle - 2015
Corey Wood - 2006
Kelly Hawken - 2004 (also received Letter of Commendation)
Vanessa Bailey - 1999
Lynda Dann - 1964
Kenneth Howlett - 1963
Robert Wardle - 1951

Russell Medal
The Russell Medal was introduced in 2000 by the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth as a permanent memorial for Pat Russell, a dedicated Society member. The Russell Medal is given to a person 18 years of age or younger who, during the previous calendar year, carried out the most outstanding resuscitation or attempted resuscitation of a person. It was also suggested that anyone nominated for the award would be a member of either the Royal Life Saving Society or one of its affiliated clubs/ organizations anywhere in the Commonwealth. 

Tyler Bailer received this prestigious rescue award in November 2016 at a special 125th anniversary reception at Buckingham Palace in London, England.

Read his story - Tyler Bailer Rescue Story

The HRH Prince Michael of Kent Certificate of Merit
The HRH Prince Michael of Kent Certificate of Merit is given for outstanding acts of bravery in an aquatic environment by an individual(s) not eligible for the Mountbatten Medal or Russell Medal.

Casey Peirce received this prestigious award in June 2009.

Read her story - Casey Peirce Rescue Story

Ireland Medal
The Ireland Medal is awarded annually to an Irish citizen or person of Irish descent for the most outstanding aquatic rescue or rescue attempt anywhere in the world within the preceding two calendar years.

Note: Rescue personnel who perform in the course of their duty are not eligible for Commonwealth Rescue Awards.

National Rescue Awards

M.G. Griffiths Plaque 
The M.G. Griffiths Plaque is the highest national Rescue Award presented by the Royal Life Saving Society Canada. Recipients have demonstrated exceptional skill, personal risk, and a high degree of bravery and courage. Recipients are Lifesaving Society award holders.

M.G. Griffiths Certificate 
The M.G. Griffiths Certificate is the second highest national Rescue Award presented by the Royal Life Saving Society Canada. Presented to an award holder who, while using approved techniques, demonstrates significant personal bravery in an outstanding rescue attempt.

2018 M.G. Griffiths Certificate recipients:

Margaret Bell 
Shauna Recknagle 

Rescue Commendation Certificate
The Rescue Commendation Certificate is a national Rescue Award presented by the Royal Life Saving Society Canada recognizing an outstanding rescue by a person who is not an award holder of the Society.

2023 Rescue Commendation recipients:

Brandon Provost

Celia Schnell

Simone Pfleger

Note: Rescue personnel who perform in the course of their duty are not eligible for National Rescue Awards.

Alberta & Northwest Territories Branch Rescue Awards

Lifesaving Medal 
Inaugurated in Alberta and the Northwest Territories in 2000. The Lifesaving Medal is awarded to a person involved in a rescue or attempted rescue of person at risk. Recipients have demonstrated presence of mind and skill of a meritorious nature. 

Recipients may be awarded with a Bar for Bravery when the nature of the rescue placed the rescuers life in considerable danger. 

Recipients may be awarded with a Bar for Merit when the nature of the rescue placed the rescuers life in some danger.

2019 Lifesaving Medal Recipient:

Rebecka Blackburn

Note: Rescue personnel who performed a rescue in the course of duty are eligible.

Lifesaving Commendation Certificate

The Lifesaving Society awards its Lifesaving Commendation to Lifesaving Society certified employees who, in the line of duty, perform a successful rescue in a life-threatening emergency requiring resuscitation. The rescuer responds to the emergency (aquatic or non-aquatic) with demonstrated judgment, knowledge and skill, which results in the saving of a life.

2019 Lifesaving Commendation certificate recipients: 

Ryleigh Kampman
Kaitlyn Bouchard
Marie Donohue
Chantelle Reeh

Commendation Citation
The Commendation Citation is a branch Rescue Award issued by the Lifesaving Society Alberta & Northwest Territories that may be awarded to a person who is deserving of recognition for a humanitarian act.

2023 Commendation Citation recipients:

Carol Henke

Matthew Pequeno

Nathan Beardmore