Audit Process

Supervision, Evaluation and Enhancement Audits (SEE Audits)

Affiliate Responsibilities

  1. Identify a current certified SEE Auditor to complete the SEE Audit
  2. Establish date for the SEE Audit with the Auditor and book a pre-audit meeting to complete the Visitation Information (the Society can provide a list of SEE Auditors in your area if needed)
  3. Order the SEE Audit Report from the Lifesaving Society
  4. Assign a facility liaison for the SEE Auditor to access for the duration of the audit
  5. Meet with the SEE Auditor following completion of the audit report
  6. Submit the SEE Audit summary results to the Lifesaving Society and keep a copy of the report on file

SEE Auditor Responsibilities

  1. Work with the facility liaison to establish the dates of the SEE Audit
  2. Confirm that the Facility has ordered the SEE Audit report
  3. Meet with the facility liaison prior to the audit to complete the SEE Audit visitation information
  4. Review relevant documentation prior to conducting the audit (ie. Safety and Supervision Plan)
  5. Conduct the audit
  6. Meet with the facility liaison to share the results of the audit and provide them with the original completed copy of the audit report


Comprehensive Aquatic Safety Audit Process

An Aquatic Safety Audit includes a(n):

  • formal evaluation of all or some of the aquatic facility's operations;
  • review of all relevant literature produced by the facility to the direct operations of the facility; and
  • interviews with selected personnel.

Audit Results & Recommendations

Following a topical or comprehensive Aquatic Safety Audit the Lifesaving Society produces a confidential report which evaluates and reports on the conditions of the facility at the time of the inspection and identifies facility operation concerns. The report also includes recommendations for implementation of solutions to concerns identified in the audit. After the audit, Lifesaving Society support is available to assist with implementing or developing solutions.