COVID-19: Update for Aquatic Facilities

Alberta Health Services has released an update for Aquatic Facilities that have chosen to shutdown, maintain or reduce operations due to the risks associated with COVID-19. For facilities choosing to close to the public:

  • Microbiological water samples are not required and do not need to be sent to the Provincial Laboratory while the pool is closed.
  • Facilities are expected to continue to maintain re-circulation rates and chemical parameters in accordance with section 3.0 and 4.0 of the Pool Standards, July 2014 (Amended January 2018) for all operating basins.
  • If considering draining any pool basins, please notify local utilities and follow their guidance/instruction.

For facilities choosing to remain open to the public:

  • Microbiological water samples must be taken and sent to the Provincial Laboratory.
  • Facilities are expected to maintain the facility in compliance with all aspects of the Pool Regulations and Standards.

As this is an evolving response to a global pandemic and it is important to realize that advice and recommendations may change. We will provide updates and clarification on this guidance as information becomes available. We encourage everyone to remain up to date by following current recommendations regarding the COVID-19 response from the Government of Alberta.  You may find updates and releases from the Government of Alberta at, updates from Alberta Health Services at or through the Government of Canada at