National Drowning Prevention Week is July 16 to 22, 2023

National Drowning Prevention Week promotes awareness of the drowning prevention problem in Canada and the need for individuals, communities, organizations, and government to take action in an effort save lives. Drowning is preventable!


Interventions To Promote

Members of the public, community groups, and government are encouraged to promote the following interventions that have been taken from the World Health Organisation's publication Preventing Drowning.

1. Teach Basic Swimming and Water Safety Skills To School Aged Children Aged 6 Years And Older.

Activity Suggestions:

Offer Swim to Survive sessions to your community during National Drowning Prevention Week

Promote People To Learn To Swim By Registering In Swim For Life Lessons

Work with local schools to book swimming lessons in the upcoming year

Advocate for all children in grades 3, 7, and 10 to have access to swimming lessons

2. Provide Community Based Supervised Childcare For Pre-School Children To Reduce The Drowning Risk

Work with Local Officials to create supervised childcare options that are less than 20 minutes away for all communities in Alberta and Northwest Territories

3. Train Bystanders In Safe Rescue And Resuscitation 

Activity Suggestions:

Offer free CPR training opportunities to the public during National Drowning Prevention Week

Offer a water rescue skills training to participants over 10 years old with a focus on Talk, Throw, Reach

Promote learning to rescue others by registering in Bronze Medallion

National Drowning Prevention Week Proclamations

Since the United Nations (UN) General Assembly has passed a resolution declaring July 25 of each year as World Drowning Prevention Day, we have ceased our request for community proclamations for National Drowning Prevention Week.

This does not diminish the importance of raising awareness during National Drowning Prevention Week, but allows us to focus on the UN resolution for World Drowning Prevention Day, which may or may not be contained within National Drowning Prevention Week depending on the year.

Learn more about supporting World Drowning Prevention Day in Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Learn more about supporting World Drowning Prevention Day in Alberta and the Northwest Territories.