Staying Safe in, on, and around Alberta's Waterfronts

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Project Overview

The Alberta Safe Beach Drowning Reduction Project, spearheaded by the Lifesaving Society Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch, is a comprehensive initiative aimed at mitigating the high incidence of drownings in natural bodies of water across Alberta. According to the 2020 Lifesaving Society National Drowning Report, approximately 70% of drownings occur in outdoor waterfront settings (e.g., lakes, ponds, and rivers), whereas more than 98% of drownings occur in unsupervised settings.

With a focus on unsupervised waterfronts within Alberta’s Provincial Parks that have had media reported drownings in the last 5 years, the project targets both park operators and park users, including parents of young children as well as adults, particularly men, aged 18-49.  Funded by and in collaboration with Alberta Health, and with the support of Alberta Parks, the project seeks to create and implement standardized water safety messaging through standardized signage, educating the public on safe waterfront practices, and ultimately reducing the incidence of drownings in Alberta’s recreational waterfront environments.