2024 NDPW Photo Contest!

Get ready to be Water Smart®! This year for National Drowning Prevention Week, the Lifesaving Society Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch is hosting a photo contest where you can win a lifejacket, or some Lifesaving Society merch! 

Research shows that most drowning incidents occur in the month of July, which is why our most important water safety campaigns - National Drowning Prevention Week and World Drowning Prevention Day - are held in July. This year, we're opening the floor to you!

During the month of July, we invite you to send us photos of you and/or your loved ones engaging in Water Smart® activities such as wearing lifejackets while on a boat, keeping children within arm's reach, taking swimming lessons or other Lifesaving Society courses, or forgoing alcoholic beverages by the water in favour of an equally refreshing, non-alcoholic drink.

Here's How to Enter to Win!

1. Take a photo (or video!) of you or your friends and family doing something that promotes either a Water Smart® message, or any water safe behaviour.

2. Follow the Lifesaving Society on social media!

3. Post your photo to social media using the #LSSWaterSmart2024 and tag us, or email your photo to WaterSmart@Lifesaving.org using #LSSWaterSmart2024 as the subject line.




1. The image must embody a Water Smart® or drowning prevention message such as, but not limited to:

  • Wear a Lifejacket
  • Be a Water Smart® Boater
  • Within Arm's Reach and Active Supervision
  • Don't Drink and Drown
  • Swim to Survive
  • Learn to Swim
  • Swim with a Buddy

2. The image must communicate its message clearly.

3. The image entries must be high quality.

4. The photos/videos must be original works, taken by the contestants. Photos must not be sourced from generative artificial intelligence, stock photos, image archives, or social media not belonging to the contestant.

5. The image must align with the Lifesaving Society mission, vision, and values, such as Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.



A high-quality, Transport Canada approved lifejacket will be rewarded to the winning entry submitted by an individual.

Lifesaving Society merchandise will be awarded to the winning entry submitted by a group. 

All qualifying entries will be entered into a draw to win either the individual or group prize.


Our contest ends on July 31 at 11:59pm MST, and the winners will be announced on Friday, August 2. 

The winners will be contacted by us directly either through social media or email at WaterSmart@Lifesaving.org. Please be aware of fake profiles impersonating us - we will never ask for any financial information from you - and report these pages if you receive any requests from them.

Contestants entering this competition must be 18 or older, or have a guardian enter on their behalf.

By entering this contest, you hereby agree and give your permission for the Lifesaving Society Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch to use your photo, audio (if applicable), name, and presence on film for the purpose of display in the Society's public and internal communication platforms such as newsletters, social media, communiques, website, and reports. 

Show us how you can be Water Smart®!