World Drowning Prevention Day: July 25, 2024

World Drowning Prevention Day - July 25 Annually

World Drowning Prevention Day - July 25 Annually

On April 28, 2021, The United Nations General Assembly adopted a historic resolution on global drowning prevention. The resolution recognizes the scale and impact of drowning prevention and calls for coordinated action to prevent drowning, a leading cause of injury-related death and disability worldwide.

A key element that resulted from this resolution is UN-recognized World Drowning Prevention Day. This will occur annually on July 25. All Stakeholders and their partners are invited and encouraged to contribute to and engage in this global activity. This day is for raising awareness of the importance of drowning prevention and the need for urgent action as a collective to improve water safety and reduce preventable deaths and injury.

In 2022 the World Health Organization issued a call for people to "Do One Thing" to help prevent drowning. This "One Thing" could be as simple as taking swimming lessons, putting on a lifejacket, or wearing blue on World Drowning Prevention Day.

In 2023, they extended their messaging to include "Improve One Thing" and "Add One Thing."


For World Drowning Prevention Day 2024, the key message, as described by the World Health Organization's campaign page, is "seconds can save a life."

It may only take a few seconds for drowning to occur, but at the same time, safety measures to prevent drowning can also happen just as quickly. These small, simple actions, costing you only a few additional seconds, can save your life, or someone else's.

These simple actions include:

  • Putting on a lifejacket before getting on a boat
  • Telling someone before you leave for a swim or boating excursion
  • Volunteering to join your friend for a swim, rather than letting them go alone.
  • Checking the weather conditions
  • Choosing not to consume alcohol or drugs before entering the water
  • Keeping an eye on your children while they play in the water

This World Drowning Prevention Day, the World Health Organization asks you to share your stories about the seconds before or during a drowning incident, that helped to save a life.

Go Blue For World Drowning Prevention Day

In support of World Drowning Prevention Day, this July 25, we encourage individuals and organizations to 'blue-out' their social media accounts. 

Swim to Survive®

To commemorate World Drowning Prevention Day, we encourage our affiliates to take part in our Swim to Survive® program. This course teaches the necessary skills to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. Meeting the Canadian Swim to Survive® Standard is an important first step to being safe around water.

ILS research findings from around the world offer clear evidence that teaching the survival swimming skills taught in Swim to Survive decreases drowning, reducing the mortality and morbidity from aquatic disasters by 50%.

Teaching and learning these skills are essential in our efforts to prevent drowning and water-related injury. Do your part and participate in World Drowning Prevention Day!

For more information: SWIM TO SURVIVE®