Updates to Policy & Procedures Manual - June 2023

Lifesaving Society has updated our Policies and Procedures Manual to reflect changes in terminology, prerequisite requirements, and course availability, the most outstanding of which we have summarized below. 

Policies and Procedures is designed to provide Society members with information on the Lifesaving Society and the organization’s services, certifications and program delivery. Society members are encouraged to review Policies and Procedures June 2023 in full, which can be viewed on our website at Policies & Procedures: Lifesaving Society Alberta and Northwest Territories


Highlights to note:


  • All references to workplace first aid have been updated to reflect Government of Alberta required naming conventions.
    • Emergency First Aid is now Basic First Aid.
    • Standard First Aid is now Intermediate First Aid.
    • Repositioned Aquatic Emergency Care as enhancement to Intermediate First Aid
  • Editorial changes to reflect digital certification cards.
  • Swim to Survive, Swim for Life, and SwimAbilities course and lesson length now include “recommended” description.
  • Swim for Life recognition materials are now a required item.
  • Removal of reference to Online Academy, blended, or online courses where no program option currently exists.
    • Alternative delivery options must be approved by the Lifesaving Society
  • National Lifeguard (all options), Swim Instructor, and Lifesaving Instructor minimum candidate age is now 15 years of age.
  • Lifesaving Instructor now has a 16-hour delivery option for individuals who already hold Swim Instructor
  • First Aid Instructor Recertification no longer requires minimum teaching activity for eligibility.
  • Editorial changes for consistency and clarity.


The most current version of Policies and Procedures may be downloaded and printed from www.LifeSaving.org or ordered from the Society.


If you have questions or require support, please contact the Society at either Experts@LifeSaving.org or 780-415-1755