Swim Transition Update: Deadline Extension June 30, 2022

Lifesaving Society Canada is extending the deadline for Red Cross-certified individuals who wish to transition to Lifesaving Society certifications through the special pathways established for the nationwide Swim Transition.
See full communication here.
Residents of Alberta and the Northwest Territories
The Swim Transition certification pathways will remain open until June 30, 2023. The Lifesaving Society is keeping the pathways open to facilitate the transition for those who have yet to complete the process and to maximize the number of certified Swim Instructors available to deliver the Swim for Life program.
Swim Instructor Transition
Red Cross Water Safety Instructors can transition their certification to a Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor certification via the Lifesaving Society's Online Academy.
As of January 1, 2023, the cost of the instructor transition will be increasing to $50.00 +GST. The Lifesaving Society encourages individuals to take advantage of the current pricing and transition prior to the New Year.
Please note:
Past communications from the Red Cross, have indicated an alternative online option to complete the Swim Instructor Transition (www.e-lifesaving.ca). The deadline extension and price increase also apply to this alternative option. Residents of Alberta and the Northwest Territories who complete the online transition through this website will receive their Swim Instructor award, however, please be aware that if using e-lifesaving the Lifesaving Society Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch will not be able to provide the following: 
  • Bulk enrollment options 
  • Registration and IT support 
  • Certification support 
  • Shipping of Award Guides 
  • Refunds
Other Certifications
This extension also applies to individuals who hold other aquatic certifications with the Red Cross. To learn more about the special transition pathways for eligible certifications please see our Red Cross to Lifesaving Society Transition Pathways document or visit our website.
Lifesaving Society Affiliate Delivery Partners
The Lifesaving Society would like to recognize the hard work many affiliates have put in over the last year in transitioning over to the Lifesaving Society's Swim for Life program. We understand the challenges that come along with switching programs and would like to thank affiliates and facilities that have taken the leap!
For affiliates that are interested in running the Lifesaving Society's adapted learn-to-swim program, SwimAbilities, please contact us for more information. An online instructor transition option, for the SwimAbilities Instructor certification, is now available.
Please contact us by email (experts@lifesaving.org) or phone (780-415-1755).