Update to Lifesaving Society First Aid Naming Conventions

Workplace First Aid Approval Levels
Both Alberta and the Northwest Territories have adopted Canadian Standards Association (CSA) workplace first aid standardized content into workplace first aid programs. With this comes an attempt to harmonize naming conventions across the country according to the CSA. As such, as of March 31, the workplace first aid approval levels according to the Government of Alberta will be changing:
  • Emergency First Aid will be Basic First Aid
  • Standard First Aid will be Intermediate First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid (no change)
Note: Although the names are changing, the equivalency levels remain the same.
Lifesaving Society Naming Conventions
To ensure the Lifesaving Society Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch is in full alignment with these standards, we must follow the newly adopted naming conventions. As of February 22, 2023, the Lifesaving First Aid Program names are as follows:
  • Emergency First Aid CPR-C and AED is now Basic First Aid CPR-C and AED
  • Standard First Aid CPR-C and AED is now Intermediate First Aid CPR-C and AED


  • Digital certification cards on Find a Member will reflect these changes immediately. Physically printed certifications with the previous naming conventions remain valid until their expiry.
  • All content remains unchanged and, unless informed by Lifesaving Society, all program resources currently in use are still to be used.
  • All Lifesaving Society programs that require first aid pre-requisites must still be Government of Alberta workplace approved.