Drowning Research Project

On behalf of the Injury Prevention Centre and the Lifesaving Society, we are writing to request data from your organization as part of an ongoing collaborative research project that will examine non-fatal drowning events in Albertan public swimming pools to develop more effective strategies for drowning prevention. We define a non-fatal drowning event as the process of respiratory impairment, due to being underwater, but stopped prior to death. 

Initiated by the Lifesaving Society, the first goal for the project will be to calculate rates of non-fatal drowning events in Alberta. Secondly, we will analyze the characteristics of the non-fatal drowning events as well as the demographic characteristics of the individuals who suffered said event. We will also analyze the physical design features of the pool where non-fatal drownings have occurred. Lastly, the proposed project will compare incidents of non-fatal drownings in aquatic facilities across various neighborhood measures such as median income, education level, percentage single-parent families, and percentage of new Canadians. 

Please see attachment for further detail and contact information.