ACTAR Product Update

We regret to inform you that we will be discontinuing our ACTAR product line effective December 31, 2019. As you are aware the Lifesaving Society has tried to find an alternative supplied for ACTAR products but all attempts have been unsuccessful. Over the last year a number of ACTAR products have run out of stock and have been discontinued and removed from our Price List.

Please note that the remaining ACTAR items identified below will only be available while supplies last.

  • ACTAR Manikin Face Shield's - 36 Pack
  • ACTAR 911 Squadron - 10 Pack
  • ACTAR 911 Chest Plates
  • ACTAR 911 Adult Piston's
  • ACTAR 911 Adult Lungs
  • ACTAR 911 Infantry Chest Plates
  • ACTAR 911 Infantry Chest Piston's
  • ACTAR D-Fib Compact 10
  • ACTAR AED Trainer 10 Pack
  • ACTAR D-fib AED Trainer Electrode Pads
  • ACTAR D-Fib Body's
  • ACTAR D-Fib Heads
  • ACTAR D-Fib Slide Clip for Head
  • ACTAR D-Fib Lungs
  • ACTAR AED Cable Replacements

The online SHOP will be kept up to date regarding current inventory levels and availability of products.

While there is no direct comparable products to the ACTAR Manikins the Lifesaving Society recommends the Prestan Manikin as the alternative. If you are unfamiliar with the Prestan Manikin we encourage you to visit our our online SHOP to learn more.

If you have questions, please contact the Society.