Updates to Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Recertification Course

Notice to Lifesaving First Aid Instructors and Trainers:

As a training agency for workplace first aid courses, Lifesaving First Aid programs have been approved by both the Government of Alberta and the Government of the Northwest Territories at the Basic First Aid and Intermediate First Aid levels.

As we are always working to update our programs and resources to align with government standards and regulations, we have made an important update to our Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Recertification course. The following information will provide key updates and timelines for Affiliate Delivery Partners and Lifesaving Society Leadership Volunteers regarding the delivery of this course.


What's New?

Effective immediately, the following changes have been made to the Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Recertification:


"Session 3: Leadership Program Delivery" has been removed as a formal session and replaced with Intermediate First Aid Recertification.

  • The session duration has been updated to 7 hours to ensure alignment with government standards and regulations.
  • Leadership Program Delivery items will be integrated throughout the Intermediate First Aid recertification session by discussing instructor learnings as well as the enhancement of candidate experience and engagement.


The Instructor Test Sheet has been updated to separate Original and Recertification courses. Going forward, Trainers will need to ensure they utilize the correct test sheet for Instructor courses.


If you wish to include any of the following with your Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Recertification course:

  • Either an original or recertification for Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Either an original or recertification for Oxygen Administration (O2)

In addition to following applicable policies and procedures and using the most up to date literature and resources, you must ensure the duration of the practical skill demonstration for each course meets the following minimum hours:

  • BLS: minimum 6 hours for the original course, 4 hours for the recertification course
  • O2: minimum 3 hours for the original course, 1 hour for the recertification course


New Materials and Resources

We are actively working on revisiting the resources for our Lifesaving First Aid programs, and plan to roll them out in 2024. In the meantime, to ensure that we continue to meet the Government of Alberta Workplace First Aid regulations, we have made the above revisions to the Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Recertification course only.

The following materials and resources have been updated to support the implementation of the First Aid Program Updates:

  • Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Recertification Award Guide
  • Instructor Test Sheet

The updated Lifesaving First Aid Instructor Recertification Award Guide is now available via the Leadership Programs Resource Library, which can be found on the Members side of our website. All current program test sheets are available on the public side of our website.

Lifesaving First Aid Trainers will be required to utilize the updated resources effective immediately.



Affiliates will receive further information on the Updated First Aid Program resources during the First Affiliate webinar of 2024 (date TBD).

If you have any questions regarding the updates or any of the information above, please contact the Lifesaving Society via phone at (780) 415-1755, or via email at Experts@Lifesaving.org