Lifesaving First Aid Update Rolls Out Today!

Our First Aid Mandatory Update rolls out today, and is now LIVE on our Online Academy!

This update is intended for First Aid Instructors and Trainers only. Anyone holding a current Basic or Intermediate First Aid Certification will not be impacted, as these certifications will remain current for the rest of the certification period. However, Basic and/or Intermediate First Aid candidates trained prior to August 31, 2024 may require some additional support on program changes when they next recertify, which we'll be happy to provide.

First Aid Instructors and Trainers certified before May 27, 2024 are required to complete the Mandatory Update by August 31, 2024.


Effective Immediately

First Aid Trainers MUST complete the new Mandatory Update prior to conducting any First Aid Instructor Original or Recertification courses.

The Mandatory Update supersedes both the 2016 and 2019 Mandatory Updates, which will no longer be required of First Aid Instructors and Trainers in order to recertify.


Updated Resources

Instructors and Trainers can now access updated resources in the Member Resource Library on our website, or order them through our shop.

Effective immediately, previous First Aid Leadership resources are now retired and are no longer available in either our shop or our Member Resource Library. Effective immediately, the new resources must be used in all First Aid Leadership courses.

Previous First Aid Candidate resources (used to teach Basic and Intermediate First Aid courses) will continue to be available until August 31, 2024, and facilities may continue to conduct Lifesaving Basic and Intermediate First Aid Courses with those resources until then. Leading up to August 31, we encourage facilities to utilize any remaining stock of the previous resources and/or exchange them for new resources.


Q&A Webinars

In an effort to communicate high-level information, regarding the update and new resources, as well as answer any questions you may have, we hosted webinars for our First Aid Trainers and Affiliates in May 2024. If you missed the webinars and/or would like access to the recordings, please email us at

First Aid Instructors are invited to join us for an upcoming webinar, whether or not they have completed the Mandatory Update. Registration is available via the link below.

Price Changes

In our April 9 communique, we included a list of the new First Aid materials, as well details on their price and accessibility. As some changes have been made since then, please instead refer to the table below for the cost of updates.

Online Mandatory Update:

  • On or before August 31, 2024: $20 (includes printed First Aid Manual and Workplace First Aid Award Guide)
  • On or after September 1, 2024: $20 + cost of materials (available for purchase through the order form within the Mandatory Update)

Required Materials (below)

  • Instructors and Trainers only require 1 copy of each resource.
  • Printed copies of resources available digitally in the vault may be purchased separately.
  • The prices below are applicable to printed resources on or after September 1, 2024.

Resource Price Available To
First Aid Manual $12 Trainers, Instructors, Candidates
Workplace First Aid Award Guide $10.50 Trainers, Instructors
Workplace First Aid Coursebook

Digital version FREE in vault (available only to Trainers and Instructors)

*printed copy available to Candidates for $5.25

Trainers, Instructors, Candidates*

Candidate copies must be purchased in the shop

Workplace First Aid Delivery Guide

Digital version FREE in vault

*printed copy available to purchase for $5.25

Trainers, Instructors
First Aid Instructor Award Guide

Digital version FREE in vault

*printed copy available to purchase for $15.75


The CPR and O2 materials have been updated to align with the new resources, and are now available in the shop as well. Any materials listed in the April 9 communique which are not included in the above table will be incorporated at a later date.

For more information on the timeline of the First Aid Update, please see our April 9 communique.