Lifejacket Loaner Stations 2024 Start-of-Season Call

With summer now just around the corner, it's almost time to start opening up our Lifejacket Loaner Stations!

On May 29, The Lifesaving Society will be hosting a virtual start-of-season call at 1:30pm!

This meeting is open to communities who have previously run Lifejacket Loaner Stations, as well as those who are interested in running a station for the first time.

We'll be discussing successes, concerns, and the process of bringing a Lifejacket Loaner Station to your community. Register for the meeting now!


Complete Your Start of Season Inventory Form!

Lifejackets are now available for sale, so place your orders with us while supplies last! This year, lifejackets are being sold at $45 each, compared to last year's $56 each.

We have a new and improved Start of Season Inventory Form available, which can also be used to order lifejackets.

If you're opening a station for the first time, or you ran one last year, it's important that you fill out this form and return it to us before the start of the season. This way, we'll have a better understanding of what you might need to keep your station going, so we can support you accordingly.

As a bonus, each station gets 100 free Water Smart rack cards at the start of the season!


What are Lifejacket Loaner Stations?

Lifejacket Loaner Stations are kiosks, run by park staff and volunteers, which allow for visitors to borrow lifejackets at no cost, and then return at the end of the day. They are incredibly helpful resources for waterfront recreational areas in preventing drowning and practicing water safety.

The Lifesaving Society works with communities and organizations to establish these Lifejacket Loaner Stations. Last year, there were 36 stations available across Alberta, and 4 in the Northwest Territories.

For more information, check out our Lifejacket Loaner Stations Program Guide!