Affiliate Delivery Partner FAQ's

What programs will be available from the Lifesaving Society Canada with this transition?

The Lifesaving Society Swim for Life program will be available Canada-wide in English and French. In addition to its National Lifeguard certification, the Lifesaving Society already offers a full suite of lifesaving and leadership training programs to its Affiliate Members across the country. Provincial/territorial Branches also offer a range of Water Smart public education initiatives and aquatic safety management services including, safety audits and management training – in addition to other Branch-specific services and courses.


What timeframe do facilities have to make this transition?

In brief, facilities can make the transition at their convenience. We know this will take time and planning, and that training partners will have questions.

We anticipate that transition training for Red Cross certification holders will begin in March 2022.

To take advantage of the special arrangements related to the transition processes and costs, facilities (and aquatic staff) should plan to transition by December 31, 2022.

Summer-only program operators should contact the Lifesaving Society well in advance of the summer season.


What do I need to do now?

For Red Cross training partners, instructors, lifeguards and trainers who wish to take advantage of this transition opportunity, please know that it is the intention of both organizations to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Individuals should check out the relevant transition pathway options posted on the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society Branch websites. Contact your Lifesaving Society Branch office to answer any questions.

The process for Red Cross Water Safety Training Partners who are already Affiliate Members of the Lifesaving Society may be slightly different than the transition process for those who are not yet affiliated. In both cases, a person-to-person conversation is the best way forward.

Let’s talk – in person, on screen, or on the phone. Contact us at your convenience. We’ll explore features and benefits of the Society’s programs, answer your questions and explore your concerns. Together, we’ll walk through the steps for a smooth and successful transition that works best for you.

Red Cross is referring its seasonal training partners to the Lifesaving Society for summer 2022 swim programming. If you wish to transition to the Lifesaving Society’s programs for 2022, please contact the Lifesaving Society early in the year.