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Changing to Swim for Life® is a big deal to your staff and your community! We understand that and have developed administrative and promotional resources to help your transition go as smooth as possible. These resources are available to delivery partners of the Lifesaving Society Alberta and Northwest Territories.

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Swim Transition January Town Hall Q & A's

During January, we hosted a series of Town Halls about the Swim Transition. We've compiled all of the questions and answers from those Town Halls in case you weren't able to attend or are interested in what other questions were asked. Some questions may be included word for word, while others were compiled into themes based on having a number of similar questions. 

Swim Transition Town Hall Q&A's

Becoming an Affiliate

While many organizations transferring from Canadian Red Cross water safety programming to that of Lifesaving Society Canada are affiliates, we recognize that some may be new to affiliating with the Society. 

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