Program Delivery Partner Transition Information

If you want to talk to a Lifesaving Society representative about the transition process, call us at 780-415-1755.

We also have an online chat feature during business hours - look for the blue speech bubble on the bottom right of the page. 

The Lifesaving Society and Canadian Red Cross are committed to providing a smooth program transition. We're still working on compiling resources, procedures, and connecting with current Red Cross program delivery partners.

Although more information is coming, you can start exploring everything that Lifesaving Society programming has to offer today!

We've gone ahead and put together some resources that are already available to help you learn more about transition paths for instructors and lifeguards, transition information for swimmers, and administrative and program details for Lifesaving Society programs (continued below).  

Lifesaving Society Policies and Procedures

If you are looking to learn more about Lifesaving Society programs, a great resource to start with is our Policies and Procedures.

Section 3 (p. 29) in our Policies and Procedures outlines Lifesaving Society Courses and Programs. You will find:

  • a flow-chart outlining all Lifesaving Society programs (p. 31)
  • Swim Program delivery information, including guidelines for lesson-length, candidate to instructor ratios, equipment requirements, etc. (p. 34)
    • Keep reading for an overview of Lifesaving Society Swim Programs
  • Education and Proficiency information (p. 42)
  • Lifeguarding Information (p. 46)
  • Lifesaving Sport (p. 53)
  • Leadership Program delivery information, including delivery methods, course length, award currency, equipment requirements, etc. (p.63)
    • Swim Instructor (Swim for Life Instructor)
    • Lifesaving Instructor
    • SwimAbilities® Instructor
    • National Lifeguard Instructor
    • Trainer
    • National Trainer
View Lifesaving Society Policies and Procedures.

Lifesaving Society Affiliate Membership

Program delivery partners of the Lifesaving Society are required to have an affiliate membership with the Society. 

Members agree with the charitable mandate and drowning prevention mission of the Lifesaving Society and actively participate in the shaping of future Lifesaving Society programs and services. They play a vital part in education, training and drowning prevention by broadening the awareness of and access to Lifesaving Society programs and services to their community members, customers and guests.

Interested parties can review the Affiliate and Associate Member Agreement for more information and return the signed copy to the Society. Once a signed copy is received, you will be contacted by a Society staff member for additional information. 

Affiliate Delivery Partner Agreement


Lifesaving Society Programs Overview

The Lifesaving Society offers several programs from parent and tot, to adult, to lifesaving.

Swimming Programs

Lifesaving Programs

  • Canadian Swim Patrol
    • Rookie Patrol
    • Ranger Patrol
    • Star Patrol
  • Bronze Medals
    • Bronze Star
    • Bronze Medallion
    • Bronze Cross
  • Advanced Lifesaving
    • Distinction
    • Diploma


  • National Lifeguard Certifications
    • National Lifeguard Pool
    • National Lifeguard Waterpark
    • National Lifeguard Waterfront
    • National Lifeguard Surf

Lifesaving Sport

Competition, staff training, and camaraderie are but a few of the opportunities to attract new participants to lifesaving programs, to showcase Canada's lifeguards, and to promote public awareness of our drowning and water-related injury prevention aims.

Caregiver Supervision

In addition to our swim and lifesaving programs, we also have many public eduction resources (check out our Water Smart® Education) and our Caregiver Supervision Program!

The Caregiver Supervision Program is a free program designed for caregivers of all types. Many facilities may be interested in partnering with local community groups (like moms/parents groups, daycares, aides, or camps) to get caregivers more involved in creating safe swimming environments. 


Leadership Programs

Supporting our swim and lifesaving programs are our Leadership Programs; it's how our instructors are trained and certified. 

Leadership Certifications Include:

  • Swim Instructor (Swim for Life® Instructor)
  • Lifesaving Instructor
  • Education and Proficiency Instructor
  • SwimAbilities® Instructor
  • National Lifeguard Instructor
  • Lifesaving Sport Coach 1
  • Officials Instructor
  • Boat Rescue for First Responder Instructor
  • Swiftwater Rescue Instructor
  • Boat Operator Accredited Training™ (BOAT) Instructor 

Learn More About Leadership

Phase 1: Preparing to Transition

Phase 2: Transition

Phase 3: Program Maintenance