2016 Mandatory Update for Lifesaving Society First Aid and Resuscitation Content Changes

Who is affected:  Lifesaving First Aid Instructors and Instructor Trainers, National Lifeguard Instructors and Instructor Trainers, Lifesaving Instructors and Instructor Trainers and Affiliate Delivery Partners

Every five years, the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) reviews the latest science on first aid and resuscitation and updates treatment recommendations as necessary. The latest changes were released in October 2015. The Lifesaving Society and its fellow national training agencies reviewed the recommendations and agreed upon a consistent interpretation and consensus in the guidelines for Canada (2016 Canadian Consensus Guidelines on First Aid and CPR).

The Society has prepared the First Aid and Resuscitation 2016 Mandatory Update Guide which summarizes the specific changes to First Aid and CPR content, literature and program materials, and related policies and procedures.  The Guide also outlines the process and specific timelines by which the mandatory update must be implemented (see Implementation Timeline below). The Guide can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the Guide link above, or can be ordered and shipped for a nominal fee (please contact the Society). Content changes in the Guide are a reflection of learning that represent best practices and improve the immediate care and long-term recovery potential of casualties. Please note: there is no change to how to rescue drowning casualties (please refer to the Drowning Chain of Survival as outlined in the First Aid and Resuscitation 2016 Mandatory Update Guide).

The instructor and candidate literature affected by the updates include: Canadian CPR-HCP Manual; Canadian First Aid Manual; Canadian Lifesaving Manual; Alert: Lifeguarding in Action; Bronze Medals Award Guide; National Lifeguard Award Guide; Lifesaving First Aid Award Guide; Canadian Oxygen Administration Manual; CPR and AED Award Guide and the Canadian CPR Manual.

There is no mandatory Lifesaving Society update clinic. Updates will be done through a distance process. Instructors and Instructor Trainers may complete the Lifesaving Society First Aid and Resuscitation 2016 Mandatory Update through an affiliate delivery partner scheduled in-service (a Power Point presentation is provided by the Society) or may complete the mandatory update individually.  The in-service may be led by an affiliate or a Lifesaving Society representative.  Regardless of how the mandatory update is completed, Instructors and Instructor Trainers are required to complete and return the 2016 Mandatory Update Individual Agreement and Order Form to the Lifesaving Society.  Updated resources may be ordered at a discounted price until April 30, 2017.

Implementation Timeline:


Effective Date

Lifesaving Society First Aid and Resuscitation Content 2016 Mandatory Update Launch

October 27, 2016

All Instructor courses/clinics (original and re-certification) must be delivered by updated Instructor Trainers with new (updated) materials.

November 1, 2016

Updated Policies and Procedures for Workplace First Aid implemented.

November 1, 2016 (or sooner)

Lifesaving First Aid (Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, and Aquatic Emergency Care), CPR, CPR-HCP, Oxygen Administration, and National Lifeguard must be delivered by updated Instructors with new (updated) materials.

January 1, 2017 (or sooner)

Bronze Medals must be delivered by updated Instructors with new (updated) materials.

May 1, 2017

(or sooner)


The Lifesaving Society will provide ongoing support to Instructors, Instructor Trainers and Affiliate Delivery Partners throughout the mandatory update implementation.

Please contact the Lifesaving Society directly if you have any questions or require support, contact us at experts@lifesaving.org or (780) 415-1755.