Society Patron and Vice Patron

The patronage of the Lieutenant Governor and Commissioner is appointed for the tenure of their offices. As a royal society, the Lifesaving Society works in partnership with our Patron and Vice Patron to further the mission of the Society to prevent drowning and water-related incidents for all Canadians. Their primary role is to preside over our annual Investiture of Lifesaving Honours ceremony.

At the Investiture, the Lifesaving Society has a long and proud tradition of awarding Lifesaving Rescue and Volunteer Service Awards. We recognize rescue heroes for their courage and resourcefulness and for their ability to make the right decision during an aquatic emergency. We award Society members with Commonwealth Service Awards for their dedication and long-standing service in providing education and training within their community that supports our public health and safety mandate.


The Royal Life Saving Society Canada (RLSSC) was chartered in Canada in 1908 as a member of the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth. The RLSSC received its royal charter from King George V in 1924. Since 1995, we have been known to Canadians by our trade name, Lifesaving Society.

The RLSSC Alberta Branch was established in 1926 to improve public safety by working to prevent drowning. Today, the Lifesaving Society has a public health and safety mandate for drowning and injury prevention, and active living and fitness.

Her Majesty the Queen is the Patron of the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth. When appointments are accepted, the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta being the Queen's representative becomes the Patron of the Branch. The Commissioner of the Northwest Territories becomes the Vice Patron of the Branch. His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent KCVO is the Commonwealth President of the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth.

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta