Safety and Supervision Toolkit

Safety and Supervision Toolkit

As the standard setting, certifying body for aquatic safety and Canadian lifeguards, the Lifesaving Society is pleased to present the Safety and Supervision Toolkit.

The Safety and Supervision Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for pool owners, operators and managers. It contains resources, tools and documents that can be used to establish policies, procedures and practices to create optimal safety.  These tools provide supports that can assist you in meeting statutory/regulatory requirements for public and staff safety, updating systems to meet current industry practices and help you manage risk within your recreation and aquatic facilities.

The toolkit contains information within the following sections:

  • Support Network - provides information on the Lifesaving Society and the wealth of services and supports that are available to help you create optimal staff and public safety.
  • Administration - provides information to asses risk and liabilities and can be used to enhance your operational systems.
  • Risk Management - provides information to set up safety systems, tools and templates that you can customize to address areas needing enhancement.
    • Lifesaving Society Safety and Supervision Plan Template
    • Lifesaving Society Anti-Entrapment Plan Template
    • Coming Soon: Water Quality Management Plan, Public Education Plan, Cleaning and Sanitization Plan
  • Staff Excellence - includes resources, templates, and supports to enhance safety for staff and the public through training and education; and
  • Regulations, Codes & Standards - includes copies of the applicable codes, regulations, and standards that govern Aquatics in Alberta and the Northwest Territories so that you have direct access to information which can effect your operations.

Do not hesitate to access the Society to support implementation of these systems or other initiatives related to staff and public safety. We have a wide array of products and services available for members and the public to support you in the development, implementation, evaluation and management of your risk and liability.

The Lifesaving Society gratefully acknowledges the support of the Injury Prevention Centre and Alberta Sport Connection who have helped to make this toolkit possible.

Toolkit Content

Toolkit Sections & Resources

  • Introduction
  • Support Network
  • Administration
  • Risk Management
    • Safety and Supervision Plan Template (PDF)
    • Safety and Supervision Plan Template (Word)
    • Anti-Entrapment Plan Template (PDF)
    • Anti-Entrapment Plan Template (Word)
  • Standards
    • Lifesaving Society 2012 Standards Journal
    • Public Aquatic Facility Safety Standards
    • Alberta Pool Regulation - AR293/2006
    • Alberta Pool Standards, 2006
    • Alberta Pool Standards, 2006 Update
    • NWT Public Pool Regulation 1990, c.P-21

Additional Resources

Section 5 - Regulations, Codes and Standards

  • Alberta Fire Code
  • Alberta OH&S
    • Alberta OHS 4 - Chemical Hazards, Biological Hazards
    • Alberta OHS 7 - Emergency Preparedness and Response
    • Alberta OHS 11 - First Aid
    • Alberta OHS 18 - Personal Protective Equipment
    • Alberta OHS 28 - Working Alone
    • Alberta OHS 29 - Workplace Hazardous Materials
  • Alberta Public Works - Color Code Guidelines

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All Lifesaving Society affiliate delivery partners received a copy of the toolkit.


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