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Alberta Pool Regulations

On November 30, 2014 the Alberta Government proclaimed a new Swimming Pool, Wading Pool and Water Spray Park Regulation A.R. 204/2015.  These regulations are supported by the Pool Standards, 2014.

The Lifesaving Society is proud to have worked with the Alberta Health and Wellness to assist with the process of drafting this regulation and the Pool Standards. Alberta aquatic facilities have a well deserved reputation for public safety and the new regulation will further enhance public safety and enjoyment of these facilities.


Alberta Health, Pool Standards 2014

The Pool Standards, 2014 publication was developed as a companion to the health regulation. The Pool Standards 2014 provide aquatic facility owners with clear directions about how to interpret the regulation and the practical steps required to comply with the regulation. 

These pool standards can be quickly updated when needed to improve safety requirements without the lengthy process required to change the regulation. 


Northwest Territories Pool Regulations

The Public Pool Regulations went in force on September 14, 2009. 

The Lifesaving Society works closely with the Government of the Northwest Territories to support pool owner's and operator's.. 


Lifesaving Society, Safety Standards

The health regulation recommends aquatic facility owners reference the Lifesaving Society Safety Standards publications when designing and implementing safety systems for their facilities. These Lifesaving Society publications are: Public Aquatic Facility Safety Standards, Semipublic Swimming Pool Safety Standards and Public Wading Pool Safety Standards.

The Lifesaving Society Safety Standards are designed to work together with the Swimming Pool Regulation and the Pool Standards. Together, these resources provide aquatic facility owners, lifeguards and public health inspector with the information to provide a safe environment at aquatic facilities.

The Society provides a full range of Aquatic Safety Management Services which can assist you with interpreting and applying the new regulation and standards


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