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As Canada's lifeguarding expert, the Lifesaving Society readily shares our expertise. The following links will lead you to the resources and support materials available from the Lifesaving Society on-line.  (Last Update: October 2009)

Aquatic Safety Standards

Public Aquatic Facility Safety Standards (pdf)
Waterfront Safety Standards (pdf)
Public Wading Pool Safety Standards (pdf)
Semipublic Swimming Pool Safety Standards (pdf)
Private Pool Safety Standards (pdf)

Regulations and Codes

NEW Pool Standards July 2014
Public Swimming Pools Regulation - Alberta
NWT Health Act-Public Pool Regulations
Occupiers’ Liability Act - Alberta
Alberta Fire Code
Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code Explanation Guide
First Aid Regulations - Alberta
Working Alone – Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code
Employment Standards
WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Material Information System
Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Transport Canada
Barrier Free Design Guide

First Aid in the Workplace - Legal Requirements of Alberta

List of Alberta Government Approved First Aid Training Courses
First Aid in the Workplace: TILMA & AIT Agreement (FA016)
First Aid Record Access (FA009)
Workplace First Aiders and Legal Requirements (FA011)
Developing a First Aid Plan (FA012)
Medication in First Aid Kits (FA014)
Automated External Defibrillators in the Workplace (FA015)

Emergency Procedures and First Aid

First Aid Government Approval Letter (pdf)
First Aid Report Form (pdf)
First Aid Kit - List of Contents (pdf)
First Aid and Customer Service (pdf)  


Creating Safe Ice Surfaces on Natural Waterways

Choosing and Creating Safe Ice Surfaces

Pool Water Quality

Pool Fouling-Contamination Issues (pdf)
CDC Healthy Swimming Requirements


Suction and Entrapment Hazards (pdf)
Facility Lighting (pdf)
Colour of Pool Bottoms and Walls (pdf)
Lifeguard Friendly Pool Design (pdf)
FINA Standard for Diving Boards, Staring Blocks, and Platforms 


Aquatic Staff Manual – Suggested Contents List (pdf)
Risk Management for Aquatic Facilities (pdf)
Lifeguard Positioning (pdf)
Lifeguard Training
Major Incident Documentation (pdf)

Safety Equipment and Training Products

Actar manikins for CPR instruction and practice
Barrier devices for rescue breathing
Head Immobilizers
Rescue Tubes


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