Combining Training Programs

Lifesaving Society leadership volunteers and affiliates are not permitted to combine Lifesaving Society programs with the training programs of other organizations. Lifesaving Society programs must be taught and evaluated separately from the programs of other organizations.

Furthermore, Lifesaving Society programs must be taught and evaluated using all required Society course and evaluation materials within the required course time.

The intent of this policy is to:

  • maintain the quality of Lifesaving Society programs. The Society's quality management process and expectations are designed for our delivery system and are not intended to include the delivery system or objectives of training provided by other organizations;
  • preserve the integrity of Society programs, certifications, and standards. The Society is prepared to support and defend the standards of Society programs and certifications as well as our expectations for Society leadership volunteers. Leadership volunteer expectations are a key component of the Code of Conduct for Leadership Volunteers. The Society will not assume responsibility for the content required for the programs of other organizations; and
  • preserve the brand identity of our programs, certifications, and training system. Candidates must clearly be able to recognize and understand their connection to the Society as a result of participating in our programs.

Combining Society program delivery with non-Society programs does not achieve this intent and is, therefore, not permitted. Failure to comply with this policy is a violation of the Code of Conduct for Leadership Volunteers and may result in the revocation of certification of the leadership volunteer. Affiliate members requiring leadership volunteers to violate the code may result in the termination of the affiliate membership and withdrawal of the privilege of delivering Lifesaving Society programs.


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