Test Sheet Administration

Lifesaving Society test sheets are to be completed neatly with the original submitted to the Society by mail for processing immediately after the examination or course. The Society will not process faxed test sheets. Affiliates must retain a photocopy of the test sheet for their records.

All test sheets must be accurately completed with all of the applicable information. Incomplete test sheets will cause delays in processing.

Be sure to include the following information with the test sheet:

  • instructor/examiner name and signature;
  • exam date;
  • examiner name and signature;
  • affiliate member information;
  • candidate information including name, date of birth, gender, and address with postal code; and
  • proof of any non-Society awards used as prerequisites (e.g. Standard First Aid award prerequisite for National Lifeguard).

The instructor/ examiner must sign both sides of the test sheet should candidates appear on both sides of the form.

The affiliate will be charged for every candidate on the test sheet regardless of result.

All Lifesaving Society test sheets are available on the Member Services CD and website.

Falsification of any information on a test sheet is considered fraud and will be dealt with accordingly.

Awards Processing 101

There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait for your certification card, especially when it affects your job.

Although filling out test sheets or rosters may not be the most exciting task to do, doing it properly makes all the difference. One piece of missing information can create a big delay in processing the award. The Society only collects information that is vital; all information requested on test sheets is essential.

Here's a guide to help avoid unnecessary delays.

  • No under-aged candidates. The concept of a "30 day grace period" is a myth. Candidates must be the required age on or before the date of the exam.
  • Challenge Exams. Candidates may "challenge" Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, and Aquatic Emergency Care (AEC) provided that they have the proper prerequisites. National Lifeguard cannot be challenged. Check the Policies & Procedures Manual for complete details.
  • Recerts. Candidates must have previously held the award before they can participate in a recert.
  • Interim Cards. Instructors/ Examiners should provide all successful candidates with an interim card. Interim cards are valid for 2 months so be sure to mail the test sheet right away.
  • Mail - don't fax - test sheets. Test sheets must be sent by mail. Some people have had to wait for their certification card for months just because the affiliate member hasn't submitted the test sheet.

Instructors/ Examiners - before mailing the test sheet, check for the following so there won't be any unnecessary delays in processing the candidates' awards.

  • Is the writing legible? Test sheets should be double checked to make sure that all information is legible.
  • Is the candidate information complete and accurate? New upgrades to our Member Management Data System automatically checks for prerequisites including age requirements; thus providing the candidate's date of birth is essential.
  • Is the exam information complete and accurate? Check to make sure that all areas including date of exam and facility/ affiliate member are indicated.
  • If the exam is a Challenge Exam, is it submitted on an "original" test sheet? Even though the candidate did not participate in the class sessions, the Challenge Exam is an original certification. All "Must Sees" must be evaluated and an original test sheet is submitted. Do not use recertification test sheets.
  • Is the test sheet signed? If both sides of the test sheets have candidates listed, the Instructor/ Examiner must sign both sides of the test sheet.
  • Photocopies of the candidate's awards are included with the test sheet. If candidate awards are obtained from outside Alberta or the Northwest Territories or from another training agency, attach a photocopy of these awards with the test sheet.

Training Program Awards
These awards are processed and sent back to the affiliate member for distribution to candidates. The Society will send the awards to the candidates for a fee at the request of the affiliate member.

Leadership Program Awards
These awards are processed and sent directly to the Leadership Volunteer.

Download the Award Processing 101 document for quick reference to ensure the speedy delivery of your candidates' awards.


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