Affiliate Members

Lifesaving Society Affiliate Members are licensed under agreement to deliver Lifesaving Society programs and services to the community. An Affiliate member may be any one of the following: responsible agency, corporation, association, organization, or individual recognized by the Lifesaving Society who has paid a membership fee and are in good standing with the Lifesaving Society.

Affiliate members agree with the purpose and mission of the Lifesaving Society and actively participate in the shaping of future Lifesaving Society programs and services. They play a vital part in lifesaving training by broadening the access of Lifesaving Society programs, services and drowning prevention education to their community and/or their members and customers.
Affiliate Members agree to follow these general principles:

Risk Management

  • Maintain a safe environment suitable for delivering Lifesaving Society programs and services.
  • Use current Lifesaving Society Instructors and Instructor Trainers to teach and deliver Lifesaving Society programs and services.
  • Respect that the content of Lifesaving Society resources and manuals are valuable intellectual property for the Society. Reproduction, by any means, of content is prohibited unless authorized by the publisher.
  • Abide by all applicable privacy legislation.

Quality Management

  • Abide by the Lifesaving Society policies and procedures in respect to program delivery.
  • Use all required and current Lifesaving Society resources and manuals for all Lifesaving Society programs and services offered; have the Member Services and program administration information available for reference.
  • Follow the Lifesaving Society Program Model Design and utilize Lifesaving Society leadership volunteers.

Course Administration

  • Register all Lifesaving Society leadership courses with the office before the start date of the course.
  • Order supplies from the office 5-10 working days in advance of course start date.
  • Send the originals of completed test sheets and rosters to the Lifesaving Society office for processing, 1-2 weeks after the class is finished. Retain copies for your records.

Lifesaving Sport

  • Abide by LSABNT policies and procedures in respect to program delivery and sanctioned competitions.
  • Register all required Junior Lifeguard Club programs and Club activities with the Society.
  • Send the original copy of completed test sheets (Junior Lifeguard Club Performance Record) to the office for processing. Retain a copy of the rosters for your records.
  • Send the original copy of the program roster (LSABNT Activation Roster) to the office to activate competitive athletes. Retain a copy of the rosters for your records.


  • Use the correct program name and link the program to the Lifesaving Society when you advertise, for example: "Lifesaving Society Bronze Cross".
  • Strictly follow the Society's visual identity guidelines. Lifesaving Society licensed images shall not be edited, modified or enhanced in any way.
  • Act as a representative for your facility and advocate for the Society's programs. If need be, refer inquiries about the Society to the office.

Financial Accountability

  • Maintain your financial account with the Society in good standing at all times. NSF checks may result in the loss of your invoicing privileges.

Affiliate membership is based on the calendar year (January 01 - December 31). Affiliate Members that operate more than one facility must sign one Affiliate Member Agreement and list each facility on the included form. The Affiliate fee is based on each facility registered. All memberships regardless of when they affiliated with the Lifesaving Society will receive renewal notification from the Lifesaving Society by November of each year. Services begin immediately upon affiliation.

This Affiliate Member Agreement does not expire, but may be revoked by the Lifesaving Society at any time if there is a breach of the terms of this Affiliate Member Agreement.

Support Services

Society staff will meet personally with affiiate members to support them in the operation of their aquatic facilities. Here is an example of how we provide in-person support:

Program Delivery and Consultation:
Society staff and leadership volunteers conduct training programs for affiliate members on request. Society representatives strive to attend Programmer Meetings. Affiliate Members often access Society expertise through email and telephone.


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