Jack Boddington Award

The Jack Boddington Award is presented annually to recognize significant volunteer contribution made by an individual member adding to the success of the Branch. This award is in recognition for the many Society Members who contribute in ways beyond Lifeguarding and Instructing. Roles include affiliate/club, branch and/or national activities, coaching and officiating, instructing and examining, administration, and programming.

The Jack Boddington Award was instituted by the Alberta and Northwest Territories Branch in 1970, the year after Jack retired as President of the branch.

Jack Boddington is a long time volunteer and advocate of the Lifesaving Society. He holds the highest volunteer service award that the Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth can appoint. In his role as a Commonwealth Vice President, he carries in his mind a rich heritage of Lifesaving Society history. In his heart he holds a sincere wish that each one of us continue on our lifelong journey to ensure that other people could gain lifesaving skills to help those in need. One of the awards of which Jack is most proud is the Service Cross (1962) with an incredible five bars (1964, 1968, 1975, 1981 & 1988).

Previous Jack Boddington Award recipients.

2002- Esther Clintberg

2003 – Monica Sicotte

2004 – Patrick Mack

2005 – Wendy Mailhiot

2006 – Lisa Chell

2007 – Bill-E Pierce and Ian Burgess

2008 – Todd Reade

2009 – Vic Wilson

2010 – Heather Barnhouse

2011 – Cindy Driscoll

2012 – Pat Southwood  and Sherry Southwood

2013 – Caitlin Davis

2014 – Desiree Janzen and Michelle Jerke

2015 – Sherry Southwood

2016 – Kimberly Jorgenson and Connie Burkart

2017 – John Mervyn


The Jack Boddington Award is presented annually at the Annual General Meeting and Affiliate Recognition Event.


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