Program Supports

The Lifesaving Society has several toolkits available to support our Affiliates  with the information and tools necessary to make their programs a true success. Contact the Lifesaving Society to get your own copy.

Member Services Toolkit:
The Member Services Toolkit and accompanying CD holds all the answers to your membership questions. The toolkit provides the newest administrative, promotional, and teaching tools in paper and digital format, to conduct and promote Lifesaving Society Programs and Water Smart® education in their community!
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Water Smart Toolkit:
Be a water safety expert with great ideas and tools from the Lifesaving Society's Water Smart Toolkit! This latest publication is your hands-on, all inclusive, anything and everything you could think of resource to bring Water Smart education to your community.
Everything you need to teach people about making safe choices when in, on, and around water or ice is conveniently found in the toolkit and accompanying CD!
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Swim to Survive Toolkit:
All Canadians deserve the chance to learn basic swim survival skills. Taking Swim to Survive training is an important first step to being safe around water. The Swim to Survive Toolkit provides community leaders with the information needed to bring Swim to Survive into their community. It provides programming suggestions, promotional materials, recognition items, inservice lesson plans and an activity guide.
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Swim for Life Toolkit:
This Swim for Life Toolkit and accompanying CD provides facility managers with the information they need to bring Swim for Life and Canadian Swim Patrol programs into their communities. Along with this resource Affiliates can access Society staff to support their implementation plans and on-going management of the programs.
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Lifesaving Sport Toolkit:
The Lifesaving Sport Toolkit and accompanying CD holds all the information you need to bring Lifesaving Sport programs into their communities. The toolkit contains information on programming, administration and marketing guidelines. On the CD you will find electronic files containing promotional materials, graphics, test sheets, forms and Junior Lifeguard Club Lesson Plans. 
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Safety & Supervision Toolkit:
The Safety & Supervision Toolkit and companion CD will contain all the information you need to create a safe aquatic facility for your staff and patrons.
Coming Soon!


Support Services

Society staff will meet personally with affiliate members to support them in the operation of their aquatic facilities. Here is an example of how we provide in-person support:


Program Delivery and Consultation:
Society staff and leadership volunteers conduct training programs for affiliate members on request. Society representatives strive to attend Programmer Meetings. Affiliate Members often access Society expertise through email and telephone.


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