Facility Operations Consultation

The Lifesaving Society is often consulted to help aquatic facility staff address facility operational concerns and to establish safe operational practices. This consultation usually occurs after the facility has been built or renovated and often focuses on solving safety and operating problems created by the facility design.

The Society can be consulted on specific areas of concern or can be contracted to conduct a more comprehensive Aquatic Safety Audit. The Society bases it's recommendations on the Society's research, standards, reference materials, expertise and experience.

Operations consultation will benefit owners/ operators of aquatic facilities, as well as organizations who may not operate aquatic facilities, but need aquatic safety management services to establish safety practices for aquatic activities and outings. This may include levels of government, health authorities, community groups, and private individuals or companies.

A common example includes schools, youth groups and sport groups who need to establish a lifeguard system when contracting a lifeguard at special events in an aquatic settings. Another example involves establishing safe working practices for aquatic work environments.

For more information or to request an operations consultation, contact the Lifesaving Society.


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