Facility Design Consultation

Considering safety factors is a critical component in the facility design process. The Lifesaving Society offers consultation services to owners/operators on the design of new aquatic facilities and renovations to existing sites. The Society can often identify design features that directly compromise public safety, as well as, limit the ability of lifeguards to effectively supervise patrons.

The Society has conducted research and developed extensive experience in identifying and solving aquatic facility design problems. These solutions not only make the facility safer, but can also reduce the operating cost of the facility.

The largest operating cost of an aquatic facility is staffing. A design decision that increases the number of lifeguards required to adequately supervise the facility will have a costly long term impact on the cost of operation.

Design consultation is one of the safety management services offered by the Lifesaving Society. It makes sense for the facility owners/operators and designers to invest in a facility design consultation. The benefits outweigh the small cost of evaluating and adapting the facility design to ensure that it is safe and cost effective to operate. For more information about designing safe aquatic facilities, consult the Lifesaving Society.


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