Expert Witness Service

As the only recognized authority in Canada on aquatic risk management (i.e. lifesaving and lifeguarding) the Society is frequently asked to provide our expertise for fatality inquiries, inquests and court cases. The Society responds to these requests in a strictly non partisan manner in order to further our humanitarian goal to reduce drowning and water-related injury.

As the authority in Canada, the Society is frequently consulted by both sides in civil cases. We believe it is inappropriate to withhold our expertise from one party simply because we have been consulted by the other. This role has received judicial approval.

The Lifesaving Society is pleased to consult with counsel to advise and offer an opinion. Following site visits and accident reconstruction, the Lifesaving Society presents a detailed report, which would be supported by the Society's appearance in court.

To request expert witness services:
Clients requesting services enter into a contract with the Society. The contract stipulates the scope of the review and the type of report desired. Fees vary depending on these and other variables. For more information or to request an expert witness service, Contact us.


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